Tuesday, December 4, 2012

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Pretend it Never Happened.

That’s my philosophy. NaNo? Success? Pshh. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I wasn’t going to do that. Oh my last post? I was OBVIOUSLY sleep deprived when I wrote that. Pay no attention to that.

It’s sad but true. Lately, I feel like a quitter. I’ve never had so many pulls on my mental energy at the same time. I have to prioritize. Some things fall.

I hate that.

So I pretend I wasn’t trying to juggle them in the first place. Is that not healthy? Oh well. It’s how I cope. AND it’s kind of how I feel about my blog. I used to be really good at it. Now it just gets left alone, gathering proverbial dust whilst I go about my days. The thing is, I LOVE reading other people’s blogs, but rarely do I have the time to go through them all, comment, and make my own post!

So can we pretend I never sucked at it? Can we go back to the glory days, when I posted three times a week? At least in our heads?

I can! Woot! I’m the best blogger ever!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

How long does Writer’s Block usually last?

Over a year? Is that normal?


I haven’t written, edited, or even looked at one of my manuscripts since last year’s JUNOWRIMO!

Is that horrible? Yes. This is why I’m not published. I stopped trying. I just up and stopped. To be honest, I have a lot of reasons / excuses / life-changing events that have put me off from writing, but I know if I made it a priority I’d have something more to show for it.

Well NO MORE! I’ve promised myself to complete NaNoWriMo this year. Even if whatever I write is utter garbage. I miss it. I miss the process of weaving a story. I miss feeling creative and challenged. So I have a speck of an idea that’s going to turn into 50,000 words if it kills me.

What about you? Anyone else out there planning on NaNo-ing? How long do you stay stuck when you get stuck? And most important, how do you get out of it?? Advice welcome!

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Danger Zone

I make it a point to never talk about Politics. Literally to the extent that if someone brings it up, I’ll zip my lips, wait until they’re done expressing their opinion, nod, and change the subject. I don’t know why, but it makes me very uncomfortable. Maybe because I’m not a full fledged member of either party, maybe because I don’t take the time to educate myself enough to feel like I’m entitled to an opinion. Or maybe just because it makes me uncomfortable.


But I was watching the debate last night (I missed the first half due to bedtime for the babies), but I couldn’t help feeling more and more unsure the more they said. I agree with some of BOTH of their ideas.

And then, as a daughter of my die-hard conspiracy theorist parents, I couldn’t help but think, how much of this is true? I was reminded of high school elections where the candidates make all these outrageous promises (think soda in the water fountains) which they’ll never deliver on.

(Then I remember that I was Vice President Junior and Senior year…ahem…moving on..)

But what I ended up thinking was, does it even matter? Does it matter what I think? I live in Utah. Our vote is decided regardless of what I do. Seriously. (Don’t get me started on the electoral college). So what difference does it make which man wins? What are THEY going to do to make MY life better?

Unless it’s a bigger tax return this year, (or student loan forgiveness… PLEASE????) the answer is, they’re not going to DIRECTLY impact my family life so much. And after all this contemplation, I had an epiphany of sorts. Which might seem obvious to some of you out there who are wiser than me, but to me it was a revelation.

I am the president that matters. I am president of my house. (Don’t worry, my husband would agree). I’m in charge of keeping my home a safe, prosperous environment. I have to manage our economy, and balance our budget. I’m in charge of educating my girls so they’re ready for a lifetime of success. I have to instill a moral compass in them that leads them to make the best decisions and provide them with every opportunity to succeed in the scary, scary world that is outside our sovereign territory.


But still. It comforted me to an extent. I may not have power over who rules our country. I’ll never have any say in what America does to Iran, or how we look to the national community. But I CAN control my house. I CAN influence my children, my neighborhood, and my surrounding community. I can be an example of what’s right, and good, and fair. And hope and pray that America does the same.

So I still don’t know who I’m voting for. I’ll make a confession; I’m 28 and never voted. I suffer from a severe and unrelenting case of apathy. But I really want to vote this year. It’s not just about me anymore.  I just hope I can make up my mind before November.

(Now I know some of you will probably disagree with what I’ve said. And that’s fine. But I just thought I’d write this down. Mostly for my own sake. So if you feel the need to comment, I just ask that we keep it respectful. I know how politics make people. Hence the inherent need I have to avoid it. Winking smile)

Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Where I’ve Been…

Is it bad to say “In the bathroom?” Well, not for the reason you’d think. We’ve gotten into remodeling again. It seems like it’ll never end. But we are one step closer to having gutted every room in the house. This one was a challenge. We weren’t planning on re-doing the bathroom. But then we discovered a leak from the bottom of the toilet. We thought, “okay, we’ll replace the wax ring and be done.”

I don’t think either of us really believed that.

Sure enough once we pulled up the toilet, we saw that not only was the wax ring disintegrating, the sub floor under the carpet (yes, carpet) was rotted to the touch.

Cue the stress. Suddenly this little job became HUGE. We could replace the floor and stop there, but if we’re going to take everything out, which we need to, why not fix the walls? If we’re going to fix the walls, we might as well get a new vanity, and chuck the old one. And so on, and so forth. Until at last, this:


turned into this:


and resulted in this:


Yes, I made the last picture bigger than the rest.

I’m kind of over the moon about it. I’ve never gone into designing a room without some sort of plan, or inspiration piece. Until this. I had to figure out SOMETHING to cover up those walls. I didn’t want tile again, and I couldn’t afford to re-drywall. So we went with beadboard. I absolutely love how it looks. We ended up running it vertically for the bottom 36” and horizontally for the top 16”. Why our bathroom was tiled up to 52 1/2” I will never know, But we found a way to fix it, and that’s what matters.

I won’t go into all the dirty details, but I’m so so happy to share the end results!





Those shadowboxes are the drawers from our old vanity. I painted them, cut down the glass shelf from our old medicine cabinet to fit inside, and backed it with the same fabric I used for the curtain. Which was, in fact a shower curtain that I cut down. I’m not a great seamstress, so I used the loops that were already done on the shower curtain for my rod. Then I just sewed weights into the bottom hem, and sewed up the side. The artwork are just some inexpensive frames from Wal-Mart and then scrapbook paper and letters I had.

I’m so glad it’s over. And now I won’t be embarrassed to let my guests use the restroom!

And one day, I will get on a regular blogging schedule again. Until then, thanks for hanging around and being patient with me. Congrats to all those writers out there who are getting good news too! Agents, and book deals, and cover reveals, oh my! You all are an inspiration.

I think I’m finally getting back to a place, mentally where I can write again. I’m even flirting with the idea of NaNo this year. I have another idea…

Hope all is well in the blogosphere! Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Check It Out!

This post is a little outside my normal realms of bloggage, but it’s concerning graphic design (kind of) so I figure I can count it under the design category (sorta). Whatever, I’m just excited about it.

So I just finished putting together a branding package for a friend of mine who’s starting up her photography business, and I have to say I’m pretty excited about it. We worked together to design her logo, letterhead, business card, and her website. She was great to work with and super patient with me, and she knew what she wanted. Which is always nice.

Anyway, here’s what we came up with for her branding package:


And to see her website you can check her out here. (see the follow button? I’m sure she’d love for you to click it!)  She’s just starting out, but she’s really amazing. She took pictures of my girls for me when my littlest was just 2 weeks old and she was FABULOUS. She’s going to do some family shots for us in the fall when Baby B is a little bigger and can, you know…sit up.

Anyway, here’s a sample of what she did for me:


Priceless right?

Anyway, if anyone in the Salt Lake area needs a photographer, I highly recommend her! And if anyone needs blogger design help or some branding of their own…email me in a couple months. lol. No really, I’d love to help. I love doing it.

That’s all for now! Happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Heart Palpitations

So I saw this contest link on the lovely Chantele Sedgwick’s blog and within 20 minutes I had entered.

Am I the only one who gets incredibly nervous when sending other people my work? I was rejected over and over for book one, I haven’t even queried book two and it’s been a year since I even WROTE the thing.

But I thought, hey, what could it hurt? Maybe this is the jump-start I need to get back on the query wagon. Either way, I entered, with book 2, and you should too, cuz why not? Life is short right?

In other news, life is BUSY! My husband and I both got promotions this month, which is an AMAZING blessing, but also means a whole lot more work. I’m now the Design Director (aka ONLY designer) for Noah’s and we’re planning on, oh, like six buildings this year. How many did we do last year with two designers, you ask? Oh…one.

Yeah. This should be interesting. And super exciting.

And my husband just got promoted to a job where he’ll be the manager of a store called the Red Zone, which sells all things University of Utah. The greatest part is, it’s literally 15 minutes away from where we live. His commute will go from 20 hours a week (yes, it’s equivalent to a part-time job) to FIVE hours a week. I don’t even know what to do with all that extra time with him! I can’t even imagine! He doesn’t start till next month, but we’re so excited!

So that’s what’s going on in these parts. And why I’ve been so sporadic with my blogging. But I had to share this contest with you all and wish everyone luck. At least one other person will be reading my work.

And maybe one day, hundreds will. Right? Right?

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Testing the Water

Remember when I said “see you in six weeks?” and my beautiful girl is three months old?


The truth is, I’ve been scared of jumping back into this blogging thing. I don’t feel like it’s my forte. Part of it is my lack of confidence. Every time I start blog-surfing again, I feel this overwhelming sense of intimidation. Thoughts start to surface about  my inadequacy. Thoughts like “Her FOURTH book is coming out?” or “She has over 2000 followers?” or “She just had a baby and is STILL blogging?” And I know I’m not supposed to compare. But it’s hard.

Another reason is my lack of time. Life has been pulling me in so many directions lately, it’s hard to spend adequate amounts of time on my hobbies, let alone my obligations. Work is picking up dramatically, and is about to get even busier. With hopefully three new Noah’s buildings on the horizon, all at once, I’ve got a lot to do with my day job. Then there’s the beautiful baby girl. She’s so great, really. But she’s still an infant that needs to be fed every three hours (except at night. She’s so wonderful and sleeps about 12 hours every night. good girl). And then there’s potty training…

I won’t go into that.

But I keep having what I call “blog-thoughts.” Things that I ponder upon and think, “I should post that and see if anyone agrees with me.” So this is my test. My wary foray back into the blogging world. We’re all busy. We all have obligations and passions and hobbies. And that’s what makes this blogging thing so neat. We can share all those things with a massive amount of like-minded people who we’d never get to meet otherwise.

Which is why I can’t give it up. I hope some people are still here. I hope I didn’t scare you away with the massive remodel posts and subsequent silence.

And as always, Happy Wednesday!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Grand Finale and a Short Goodbye

This is my last remodel post (collective sigh of relief from the interwebs) and probably my last post at all for the next 6 weeks or so. I'm officially going in on Monday to be induced (inner sigh of relief from me). So I'll be busy with the occupant of this newly designed room, and I hope you all will be here when I get back! Anyway, onward and upward.

I hope you’re not tired of seeing remodel pictures yet, because this one’s probably my favorite from our latest round of renovating. I told myself that if we were having another girl, I’d leave the nursery alone. It was fine, it was girly, it didn’t need anything else. It was foolish to spend money on it. (For THOSE before and afters, go here).

Then I thought, well, maybe I’ll get some new bedding at least. What’s new bedding going to hurt?
Then I saw this:

And I fell head over heels. But wait. It’s plum. Like DARK plum. That doesn’t match a pink striped wall! Well, we can paint the wall easy enough, right? But what about the pillows? Those don’t match either. And the curtains are out of the question!

Suddenly, I was doing a new nursery in my head. And once its in my head, ladies and gentlemen, it must be realized. Or I get a little…cranky. So with this bedding set as the jumping off point, I plotted and planned and paint-matched and finally ended up with my new favorite room in the house. Which, really, nurseries are more for the mom’s than the babies right? I mean I’m the one who has to sit in there looking around for hours.

Anyway, I’ll shut up now. These pictures are also from Danielle Oakey, bless her soul.

Plum makes me happy. There’s so much in this room that makes me happy. The jewelry holder that I’m using for hair bows, The framed scrapbook paper above the changing area, the little ceramic owl peeking out from the bookcase, and the lampshade that was supposed to be a pendant light from IKEA (you can see a glimpse of it in the third-to-last picture).

So while the furniture stayed the same, and the layout stayed the same, this room feels completely different. And now, I have pictures to put in baby A’s baby book of her new room that aren’t identical to her big sister’s. And that makes me happy too. Now I just need her to get here so I can put into that amazing bedding. Not too much longer now…

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Interior Tuesday: Transforming a Toy Closet

Our home is full of closets. As in, we have 3 real bedrooms and 10 closets throughout the whole house. It’s nice to have so much storage, especially when we decided to convert our basement office into E’s bedroom. This room has a huge under-the-stairs closet that had seen better days. For example:


This is what it looked like when we first toured the house. It pretty much stayed that way when we moved in except we had less board games and more…junk in there. Office paper, luggage, air mattress, etc. It wasn’t pretty, but it was space that got filled.

Well, when planning out how to do the new bedroom, there was one obvious transformation to me and it was to take this dingy, scary basement closet and brighten it up so my girl could read and play and laugh and enjoy herself in there. Who, as a kid, didn’t want a place to hide and pretend?

So once the room was finally cleared out and we found new homes in our other nine closets for our miscellaneous junk, I began the arduous process of painting this cavern-like space. At 6-months pregnant BTW. I don’t think it helped my hip in the least. Nonetheless, it needed to be done and I had a vision.

Unfortunately at the time I did not have a camera, so my vision is shared with you courtesy of my iPhone camera. Not great. But you get the idea.


First, I cleaned the beast out and prepped it for painting.


Second, I ripped off the old shelf liner and practiced adding the new liner on the top shelf. I actually found this cute green striped pattern at Wal Mart for $5 a roll. I used just under two rolls total.  It went on pretty smooth, but I didn’t want to get paint on it, so I held off doing the rest of the shelves until it was painted. I proceeded to prime all the walls with white primer and then a coat of white paint.

I knew I wanted to add some kind of visual interest to the back of the closet as well, so I taped off a lattice-like pattern on the top three shelves. The bottom was too low for me and I knew it’d be covered up anyway, so I didn’t bother. Also, you can tell, I didn’t measure these angles. They’re a little wonky in places, but oh well.


I painted over the top of the tape with yellow and before it dried all the way I ripped off the tape. Now this is not normal drywall, it’s some kind of horrible wallboard that isn’t smooth or straight, so there are some obvious deficiencies. But we work with what we got, right?

After that, I finished lining all the shelves and started to move stuff in. And Voila! It turned into:


Toy Heaven! I used our leftover carpet remnant to cover the concrete floor and threw some pillows in there for her to sit and play comfortably on.

Screen Shot 2012-02-24 at 1.02.51 PM

I also used her drapes from her old bedroom and a staple gun to make a sort of fabric ceiling to cover up the ugly underside of the stairs. It softens the whole area and adds some interest. Also it didn’t cost me a dime, which was awesome.


And just to add one more dimension of fun, I painted the outside of the doors with more chalkboard paint:

Screen Shot 2012-02-24 at 1.03.03 PM

It added a pop to the big white wall that I was missing, and provides her with yet another opportunity to be creative, which I’m all about.

And there you have it! She gets a private place to play and I get all her toys out of my living room, which totally rocks. So far it’s been a hit with her and any other kid that comes over. Is it bad that I’m a little jealous that I never had this when I was a kid? Ce la vie. At least I got to design it for her.

Hope all is well in the blogosphere and have a Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Big Girl Room Revealed

Remember this little post oh way back in AUGUST of last year? Where I displayed this virtual board of what I wanted my 2-year-old daughter’s room to look like?

Eisley's Room

Well I’m happy to say that it is FINALLY done! My friend and former fellow design school classmate Danielle from the amazing blog Danielle Oakey Interiors was kind enough to come and take pictures of the finished product, since my photography skills are severely lacking. If you haven’t seen her blog, you’re really missing out!

Drumroll please:

Screen Shot 2012-02-24 at 1.01.29 PM

Screen Shot 2012-02-24 at 1.01.57 PM      Screen Shot 2012-02-24 at 12.59.59 PM

Screen Shot 2012-02-24 at 1.00.54 PM

Screen Shot 2012-02-24 at 1.02.51 PM       Screen Shot 2012-02-24 at 1.02.20 PM

Screen Shot 2012-02-24 at 12.58.06 PMScreen Shot 2012-02-24 at 1.01.43 PM

Don’t mind the rumpled slipcover…I ordered it too big.

There’s so much I could say about this room. It took SO long to feel like it was finally finished. However, considering it started out like this:



And then moved on to this:



It’s no wonder it took so long to transform! I have a whole different post planned for the evolution of the toy closet. It’s probably one of my favorite spaces in the whole house. Except I feel a little like Aunt Petunia telling Harry Potter to go to his room when I tell her to play in the closet, but hey, at least I don’t make her sleep in there! (Although she could if she wanted to. I tried to make it cozy.) So look for that coming up soon. And also, I have some awesome pictures of the new nursery; aka my new favorite room in the house.

And the best part of all? She sleeps in her bed like a champ! No more crib for my big girl!

Happy Monday!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tag! I’m it…who’s next?

I needed some kind of jumpstart this week for blog ideas, and luckily Ruth over at Ruth + Writing tagged me in this fun blog survey. So let’s jump right in shall we? First, the rules:

The Tag rules:
1. You must post the rules! (check!)
2. Answer the questions and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
3. Tag eleven (or how ever many  you can think of who haven't been tagged) people and link to them.
4. Let them know you’ve tagged them.

Here are the questions from Ruth:

1. Would you rather eat ice cream or popcorn? Popcorn any time, any day of the week. I’m a salt fiend. Sometimes I go to the movies JUST for the popcorn. Not kidding.

2. Who is the biggest influence in your life right now? Hmm, this is an interesting one. Honestly it’s the (not-so) little peanut in my (not little at all) belly.  Everything I think about and do and strive for is to get ready for her right now. And it’s really hard to not be influenced by someone who literally kicks you in the gut from time to time.

3. What do you do to relieve your frustrations? Play with my 2 year old, or play The Sims in spite of my 2 year old. Depends on from what my frustration is stemming…

4. Can you keep a secret? I can’t tell you. ;)

5. When it comes to books, what is your biggest pet peeve? Besides The Hunger Games? (lol I won’t go there) I’d have to say my biggest pet peeve is when I read something with a plot that starts out strong and then seems to fizzle at the end. Or a character that does the same. Basically when you can feel that the author had to hurry up and turn something in to their publisher.

6. Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed? Closed. All of our closets have automatic lights that turn on when you open them. The joys of an old house that used to be owned by an electrician.

7. Do you have a theme song? Please share. Oh I wish I did! Like Cronk in The Emperor's New Groove! I think I’ll be working on that.

8. Where would you bury treasure if you found some? Under the gigantic grape bush we have proliferating on our fence. That thing seriously takes OVER in the summer, it’d be impossible to get under! Muahaha! The treasure’s mine! ALL MINE!

Ahem. Sorry about that.

9. What book and/or movie could you read and/or watch over and over? Pride and Prejudice on both accounts. Colin Firth is a dream boat.

10. Have you ever done anything illegal? See the answer to question 4…

11. Is it okay for guys to wear pink? Depends on the guy and the amount of pink in question. My husband wore a pink tie for our wedding and it was dashing. But a pink polo? I think not.

Okay! That’s it for my answers. Now I have to think of 11 NEW QUESTIONS? Oh this is going to be hard. My brain is unreliable at best these days. K, here goes.

  1. What’s your favorite childhood memory?
  2. If you could teleport from any Wal-Mart in the country to another Wal-Mart in the country, where would you go and why? (My husband and I have a great idea to place teleporters in every Wal-Mart in America and then charge people to transfer to another one…Now we just have to invent a teleporter. One day…)
  3. How many times do you brush your teeth in a day?
  4. What’s your biggest fear?
  5. How many times have you dyed your hair?
  6. What’s the absolute WORST book you’ve ever read?
  7. Where do you find inspiration?
  8. Have you ever broken a bone? Which one and how?
  9. Chocolate or Caramel?
  10. Guyliner? Hot or not? (Besides on Johnny Depp, that’s a given)
  11. What’s your birthstone?

Okay that was actually fun! I hope I get some answers on these! Now to tag some lovely people. Sorry if you’ve been tagged already and like Ruth said, participate if you wish!

  1. Charissa Weaks
  2. Brooke R. Busse
  3. Anna Tan
  4. Writing Nut
  5. Laila Knight

Okay that’s all I’ve got in me. I’m off to let these wonderful bloggers know that they’ve been summoned and that they too, must participate in the taggage. Yes. I made up a word.

Happy Saturday!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

IKEA Hackers

So my little bookcase project was on the IKEA Hackers website today! Go check it out here! Pretty cool huh?

I don’t really have more to say. I’m just counting minutes of every hour of every day until I have this baby. 3 weeks to go by Dr.’s timeline, but I’m praying for her to make her debut sooner than that. Either way, her nursery will be making its debut soon enough, as I get the bedding on Monday and other than that it’s done! Yahoo!

Happy Three Day Weekend!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Seeing Pink

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you all have wonderful days planned with your  loved ones. The hubby and I are putting the festivities on hold, until after this baby comes. I’m not much of a date, what with the waddling, the huge belly that barely fits in restaurant booths, and the need of a donut pillow wherever I go. How’s that for a visual? TMI? Oh well. Anyway, I can still feel festive today, right? I did my little girls hair in the shape of hearts (see pinterest picture here ) and I’ve been thinking pink all morning. So today I’m dedicating my post to all things pink!

First, a book: When I was in elementary school I read this book that captured my imagination so fully that I still remember the title to this day. In fact, I found it on Amazon and will be ordering it for my little girl to read one day. It’s called The Mystery of the Pink Waterfall by R. Dwayne Moulton.


Here’s part of the abstract from Amazon:

Everyone has dreamed of having a special place all their own. A secret place that nobody else knows about. Little did Jennie Maria know that she would find hers as she obeyed her dying grandfather's last request to find the secret of the Pink Waterfall.

After negotiating a dangerous route full of narrow trails, tipping tree bridges and rock slides through dark caverns, Jennie Maria finds herself trapped in a wondrous hidden valley after a storm sends flood waters to seal the entrance. Her only communication with the outside world is her best friend Jason's messenger pigeon, Zippo, and her only companions are the animals of the valley who are surprisingly quite tame. Jennie Maria's grandfather has been preparing for her arrival and has built her an ingenious cabin with hot and cold running water, a luscious garden filled with fruits and vegetables, and a detailed book that tells her the history of the valley and its former occupants, the legendary Lapishami Indians.

Will Jennie Maria discover a way to get home or is she stranded in this Paradise until the waters recede with the next summer? Fun and intrigue for children of all ages, check out The Mystery of the Pink Waterfall and find out!

Right? Even reading this summary I’m brought back to reading about her learning to live in this magical valley with everything provided for her that she could possibly need. It was one of the first books that I truly lost myself in, and those kinds of books stick with you.

Next, in Design: Pink is making its presence known lately in interiors. Whether it’s a monochromatic scheme, or used as a pop of color to accent, pink is no longer just for little girl’s nurseries. I have to say, I’m loving the idea of using a fresh modern pink in one of our upcoming Noah’s projects… But in the meantime, here are some examples of beautiful pink interiors.







Who doesn’t love a pink couch?

Lastly, a Game: Okay I’m not going to lie, this was kind of hard. And this might be a stretch, but the only game I could think of is one I'm playing on Facebook and it’s not always “Pink” themed. I’m talking about The Sims Social. I know, way to branch out Kadie. But seriously, this game is addictive and right now they’ve got all these Valentine’s Day items and quests and it’s a lot of fun.


But I realized I’ve only talked about hard-core gamer-type games on here. I’m also a casual game enthusiast. I love time-management games, these weird energy-based games where you only get so many turns, and even the occasional hidden object game. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, a good place to find and play free games like these is www.wildtangent.com. They have TONS of casual games you can try out for free for as long as you want. Be warned, they are addictive. And of course, if you’re on facebook, come be my Sim neighbor!

There you go, a little Pink goes a long way. I hope you all have a fantastic Valentine’s Day!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Life, The Universe, and Everything…But Me.

I know there is an awesome writer’s conference this weekend, and I know that it’s within driving distance from me, and I know that it’s really affordable and that I should go.

But I also know that this 8 1/2 month pregnant body would not be able to handle it. And it makes me sad. Luckily, I know so many of you wonderful bloggers are going and I can’t WAIT to hear about it come Monday! I wish I could go and meet all you lovely people face-to-face, but it seems that will have to wait until next year…or the next close conference.

To all of you who are going, have so much fun and glean enough knowledge for the rest of us who can’t be there! And to all those who aren’t going, have an amazing weekend anyway. I plan on decorating the nursery until I either collapse or go into labor. Let’s hope for the latter…when I’m done decorating that is…

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Interior Tuesday: The Craft Area Revealed

I guess this could be part three of my latest Interior Tuesday series, centered around my bookcase, but there’s more here than just my bookcase now and I absolutely love this goofy little corner of my house.

When we moved in, we didn’t know what to do with this area of the basement. It’s just kind of awkward (as my Interior Design professor would say). It’s off of the main living area in the basement, and is dominated by the old textured curtains that are there to hide an ancient sprinkler system attached to a concrete wall. Here’s what we saw before we bought the house:


You can see the sprinkler pipes peeking out from behind those curtains. And you gotta love that carpet huh? I won’t even mention the pillows.

So after our initial remodel, here’s what we turned it into:


Better, but still not very functional. This is the tiniest sofa ever. It was the first piece of furniture we ever bought together and I think it was $200 from Kmart. It worked when it was just us, but it really isn’t very comfortable. Anyway, this area of the basement was pretty much unused.

When we found out baby #2 was on the way we realized we needed to shift everything around. The office had to move so we could move our 2-year-old’s bedroom down there. Well this meant not only finding a new place for our computers, but also for all my scrapbooking and crafting supplies. I didn’t want the nasty plastic table I was currently using, so I took this opportunity to splurge on the IKEA Expedit bookcase / desk combo.

You already know about all that drama, so let’s get to the pictures shall we?

Here’s what it looks like now:


(See? There’s the pretty yellow fabric I hid!)


The bins are for Eisley’s craft supplies; markers, crayons, stickers, etc. She can reach them, and I can see her from my desk. We put another chalkboard above the table just for fun. I’m going to hang a picture wire so we can put paintings up to dry or pictures she’s drawn.


She loves her new table and chairs.

It’s so nice to have a dedicated area to work on projects. Plus my desk is kind of hidden so I don’t have to clean up if I’m still in the middle of something. And it’s been so nice to have a place for her to do her art projects.

So that’s it! Next room I’ll be featuring (as soon as I clean it) will be the long-awaited Big Girl Room! I can’t wait to show it off! If you’re on Pinterest, come follow my boards and you can see the inspiration for all of these spaces. www.pinterest.com/kadiek

Happy Tuesday!

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