Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Interior Tuesday: Master Bedroom

This might be my favorite room in the house, besides the living room, which will be another week (I need to spruce it up a little before sharing). And like most other rooms in my house it started out pretty rough. At least this one didn’t have former muppet-skin carpeting like the rest of the upstairs. Anyway, down to business:

Here’s what we signed up for:

Master Before 1

And after scraping off several layers of wallpaper, adding some casing at the top of the windows, and a couple buckets of paint, here’s how it turned out:

Please pardon my cat’s tail hanging out from behind the drapes. He loves to sit in the window. The dresser was inherited, the chair is from West Elm, the pillow and rug are from IKEA, and the mirror is from Target. The framed pictures are photographs I purchased in Prague.

Master Before 2

The lamps are from Pier 1, the end tables are IKEA, the pillows are a mix of Target and IKEA, the framed staircase photos are from Paragon. The bed frame is from CSN. And as you can see, my husband has his alarm clock on the left, and I have mine on the right. Here’s another view:

To make our dressers fit in the space I decided to paint them white. They were a gift to us from my husband’s grandmother, but the cherry wood wasn’t doin’ it for me anymore. I wanted to update it while keeping some of the “inheritance” feel, so I kept the batwing brass pulls. I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Notice the sage green trim? That was fun to paint over…

You already know about my tray, the jewelry box was a gift from my husband (I’m trying to hint that I need a new one, since it’s SO unorganized, and therefore closed for the picture). The clock is Target, and the framed photo is another one from Prague.

There you have it! This is where my laundry gathers, my tired eyes get their rest, and where my little girl jumps on my bed to wake me up! I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Have some before’s and after’s you’d like to share? Email me at kadiekinney@gmail.com!


  1. What a transformation- so bright and cherry! Great job- I back read a bit- I'm looking forward to following you :)

  2. I LOVE it! Love! The yellow is so beautiful! Amazing! :)

  3. It's looking great in there! I am loving those Ikea nightstand tables... too cute. And girl, I know how hard it is to get wallpaper off the wall, so congrats on that feat alone! : )


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