Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday's a Day to GIVEAWAY!

Okay, I teased about this a little, but I think it’s time to announce a giveaway!
One Week. Three prizes. THREE WINNERS! Wahoo!
Since my blog is about three distinct worlds, I wanted to give away three distinct prizes.

ONE: A $25 gift card to West Elm!

I know what you’re thinking, “What am I going to get for $25 at West Elm?” The answer is, a lot of cute accessories! They have a whole $25 and under section. Here are my favorites:


TWO: A $25 Gift Card to GameStop

And while most video games these days are more expensive than I’d like, there are a lot of classics, and even newcomers that I’d like to get my hands on for less than $25!

Okay The Sims 3 Pets is going to be $40 but just look at the trailer here. Um hello, horses!

Ahem. Moving on,

THREE: A $25 Gift Card to Barnes & Noble

And I could easily spend that much dough at Barnes & Noble. Here are just a few of the titles I’m wanting to add to my library, heaven knows there are THOUSANDS more!

That’s it! Pretty exciting huh?

So here’s how to enter:

1 - Become a follower of Three Point Perspective and leave a comment telling me what gift card you’d like, and what you’d use it for (not that it matters, I’m just curious). If you’re already a follower, just leave a comment! Easy peasy!

2 - Earn an extra entry each for:
  • Re-blogging and linking back here
  • Sharing on Facebook and linking back here
  • Tweeting and linking back here
Please tell me in your comment how many entries you’re claiming.
That’s it!

I’d love to make new friends and meet new people, and hey who doesn’t like free stuff? So help me spread the word, and who knows? Maybe you’ll end up $25 richer!

The giveaway will close July 24 at midnight. Winners will be posted next Monday.
Thanks and Good luck!

( Oh and I don’t know if I need to add a disclaimer, but none of these fine retailers know I exist, so they’re not sponsoring me or anything. They’re just some of my favorite places to shop. :) )


  1. I want the Game Stop Gift Card so I can get Kaleb the Cars 2 Wii Game and tell him Aunt KD got it for him for his birthday!

  2. I would like the Barnes and Noble card because I want to buy the complete series of Hunger Games! Yes, I like that series :)

  3. You are freaking awesome. It's a tie for me. I'd like the amazon giftcard, since I love books. AND have a book buying problem... And I'd love the gamestop one as well. I need to get my hands on Sims Medieval. :)

  4. And now I'm claiming 2 entries :) I shared on Facebook.

  5. I added the giveaway to my facebook page!

  6. I'm a new follower and I would LOVE the $25 West Elm gift card. I have so many things sitting in my cart right now that I would love to buy, but just need the extra push to do it!

  7. FUN! I am a follower and I would LOVE a West Elm gift card!

  8. B&N or Amazon for Nate! (I shared via Twitter and Facebook AND on three entries!)

  9. And I tweeted =)
    I sound desperate haha, but I really want the stuff in my shopping cart! Have an awesome week!

  10. I also wrote a blog post. You can check it out here:

    That should be 4 entries for me! =)

  11. @ Amanda thank you so much! I've got you down for four entries!
    @Chantele and Nate, sorry there's no Amazon card. Just Barnes & Noble, West Elm, or GameStop.
    @ everyone else keep spreading the word! Thanks guys!

  12. I follow your blog of course. I hope I can win!


  13. Ha! I didn't mean to write Amazon... Sorry about that! The book one! lol And I tweeted. :) And follow.

  14. I want the West Elm one!! I love the ceramic owls or the fun trays! Now I am going to post this on facebook for another entry!!

  15. I want the barnes and noble gift card so i can get some books for William. :)

  16. Oh, i just shared on facebook :)

    and i plan on putting it on my blog as soon as i'm done here.

  17. Okay, I think I've earned 3 entries after posting on facebook, becoming a follower, and posting on my blog. Do I get an extra entry for MS critiquing? :)

  18. Oh, I forgot that I would want the West Elm giftcard because I need to do some decorating up in here quick! This place needs a makeover!

  19. Duh, I'm a follower/stalker! I want a West elm giftcard to buy something stylin' for my house. I am also posting this on my facebook :) Miss Ya the blog like always.

  20. I'm totally torn between West Elm and Barnes and Noble. I don't write but I love to read and of course I love anything design. I also love your blog! I'm sharing this on facebook right now.

  21. Have just found your blog and become a follower. Have also tweeted this post @Tamara_Epps. I would love the GameStop gift card and it would go towards Sims 3 (yes, I know I'm behind the times but the past few weeks I've really wanted it, lol) or perhaps something for my boyfriend (who am I kidding?).

  22. Okay Miss Kadie...I follow you, and I blogged you (is that appropriate?!), and I facebooked you. That's three. I don't have a Twitter account, but if I text my friends does that count??? I really want to win!! And you should want me to win, too. I want the Barnes and Noble gift card and who knows what I will spend it on. Probably children's clearance books, but maybe I will find something for myself. Or save it until your book is one their shelves!!!!


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