Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Danger Zone

I make it a point to never talk about Politics. Literally to the extent that if someone brings it up, I’ll zip my lips, wait until they’re done expressing their opinion, nod, and change the subject. I don’t know why, but it makes me very uncomfortable. Maybe because I’m not a full fledged member of either party, maybe because I don’t take the time to educate myself enough to feel like I’m entitled to an opinion. Or maybe just because it makes me uncomfortable.


But I was watching the debate last night (I missed the first half due to bedtime for the babies), but I couldn’t help feeling more and more unsure the more they said. I agree with some of BOTH of their ideas.

And then, as a daughter of my die-hard conspiracy theorist parents, I couldn’t help but think, how much of this is true? I was reminded of high school elections where the candidates make all these outrageous promises (think soda in the water fountains) which they’ll never deliver on.

(Then I remember that I was Vice President Junior and Senior year…ahem…moving on..)

But what I ended up thinking was, does it even matter? Does it matter what I think? I live in Utah. Our vote is decided regardless of what I do. Seriously. (Don’t get me started on the electoral college). So what difference does it make which man wins? What are THEY going to do to make MY life better?

Unless it’s a bigger tax return this year, (or student loan forgiveness… PLEASE????) the answer is, they’re not going to DIRECTLY impact my family life so much. And after all this contemplation, I had an epiphany of sorts. Which might seem obvious to some of you out there who are wiser than me, but to me it was a revelation.

I am the president that matters. I am president of my house. (Don’t worry, my husband would agree). I’m in charge of keeping my home a safe, prosperous environment. I have to manage our economy, and balance our budget. I’m in charge of educating my girls so they’re ready for a lifetime of success. I have to instill a moral compass in them that leads them to make the best decisions and provide them with every opportunity to succeed in the scary, scary world that is outside our sovereign territory.


But still. It comforted me to an extent. I may not have power over who rules our country. I’ll never have any say in what America does to Iran, or how we look to the national community. But I CAN control my house. I CAN influence my children, my neighborhood, and my surrounding community. I can be an example of what’s right, and good, and fair. And hope and pray that America does the same.

So I still don’t know who I’m voting for. I’ll make a confession; I’m 28 and never voted. I suffer from a severe and unrelenting case of apathy. But I really want to vote this year. It’s not just about me anymore.  I just hope I can make up my mind before November.

(Now I know some of you will probably disagree with what I’ve said. And that’s fine. But I just thought I’d write this down. Mostly for my own sake. So if you feel the need to comment, I just ask that we keep it respectful. I know how politics make people. Hence the inherent need I have to avoid it. Winking smile)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Okay, you've convinced me. Vote Kadie in 2012!

    But seriously, you are right. We can do our part on the national level, but the greater work will take place on the local level,and the most important work will happen in your own house. If everyone took care of their families the rest would fall into place.

    1. And in one paragraph you summed it up. Exactly what I meant. :)

  2. I also live in Utah. The only thing that we should go to the polls for is local stuff. Jim Matheson vs. Mia Love as an example. Someone's gotta win that. But I feel my vote in the national election doesn't matter one whit. I should just vote Ron Paul for the hell of it.


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