Let me start by saying, I'm not here to make money from design. However, I will not turn down offers. ;)

I think what makes me different from most of the design blog world is that I do commercial design. I'm not a big DIY'er. I like to search for the best deal on the perfect piece of furniture and then buy it. I like to plan WAY in advance what a room should feel like. I designed my new living room before we even decided on what house we were going to buy. In fact, before we even started LOOKING for houses. Yet when we moved in to our little fixer-upper (that you will get to know intimately) I knew exactly what I wanted and where to put it.

I don't like clutter. I don't like a ton of accessories. I like clean, calculated, intentional design. That's what I try to do every day with Noah's and at home. It's a very different mindset when designing for the public. You want minimal pieces of furniture. You want whatever furniture you select to be durable and make a statement. Words that haven't been in my vocabulary since I graduated are "velvet, chenille, silk, and linen."

So I'm not your typical design blogger. But I feel that my point of view is every bit as valid. I love making commercial spaces feel like home, and residential spaces feel a little more sophisticated. Hopefully that's what you'll see when perusing  these pages.

Oh and I love love LOVE to share resources. So keep an eye out for my go-to links for furniture, accessories, and everything in between.

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