Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Seeing Pink

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you all have wonderful days planned with your  loved ones. The hubby and I are putting the festivities on hold, until after this baby comes. I’m not much of a date, what with the waddling, the huge belly that barely fits in restaurant booths, and the need of a donut pillow wherever I go. How’s that for a visual? TMI? Oh well. Anyway, I can still feel festive today, right? I did my little girls hair in the shape of hearts (see pinterest picture here ) and I’ve been thinking pink all morning. So today I’m dedicating my post to all things pink!

First, a book: When I was in elementary school I read this book that captured my imagination so fully that I still remember the title to this day. In fact, I found it on Amazon and will be ordering it for my little girl to read one day. It’s called The Mystery of the Pink Waterfall by R. Dwayne Moulton.


Here’s part of the abstract from Amazon:

Everyone has dreamed of having a special place all their own. A secret place that nobody else knows about. Little did Jennie Maria know that she would find hers as she obeyed her dying grandfather's last request to find the secret of the Pink Waterfall.

After negotiating a dangerous route full of narrow trails, tipping tree bridges and rock slides through dark caverns, Jennie Maria finds herself trapped in a wondrous hidden valley after a storm sends flood waters to seal the entrance. Her only communication with the outside world is her best friend Jason's messenger pigeon, Zippo, and her only companions are the animals of the valley who are surprisingly quite tame. Jennie Maria's grandfather has been preparing for her arrival and has built her an ingenious cabin with hot and cold running water, a luscious garden filled with fruits and vegetables, and a detailed book that tells her the history of the valley and its former occupants, the legendary Lapishami Indians.

Will Jennie Maria discover a way to get home or is she stranded in this Paradise until the waters recede with the next summer? Fun and intrigue for children of all ages, check out The Mystery of the Pink Waterfall and find out!

Right? Even reading this summary I’m brought back to reading about her learning to live in this magical valley with everything provided for her that she could possibly need. It was one of the first books that I truly lost myself in, and those kinds of books stick with you.

Next, in Design: Pink is making its presence known lately in interiors. Whether it’s a monochromatic scheme, or used as a pop of color to accent, pink is no longer just for little girl’s nurseries. I have to say, I’m loving the idea of using a fresh modern pink in one of our upcoming Noah’s projects… But in the meantime, here are some examples of beautiful pink interiors.







Who doesn’t love a pink couch?

Lastly, a Game: Okay I’m not going to lie, this was kind of hard. And this might be a stretch, but the only game I could think of is one I'm playing on Facebook and it’s not always “Pink” themed. I’m talking about The Sims Social. I know, way to branch out Kadie. But seriously, this game is addictive and right now they’ve got all these Valentine’s Day items and quests and it’s a lot of fun.


But I realized I’ve only talked about hard-core gamer-type games on here. I’m also a casual game enthusiast. I love time-management games, these weird energy-based games where you only get so many turns, and even the occasional hidden object game. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, a good place to find and play free games like these is www.wildtangent.com. They have TONS of casual games you can try out for free for as long as you want. Be warned, they are addictive. And of course, if you’re on facebook, come be my Sim neighbor!

There you go, a little Pink goes a long way. I hope you all have a fantastic Valentine’s Day!


  1. I love the lighting on that third photo. It gives a golden hue to all that pink.

    Another thing I love (Valentine's Day post, I can say that all I want :D) is your daughter's hair. I'm now wondering if I can do that for mine. Fifteen isn't too old for that is it?

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