Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Faves: My Writing Bug

It’s that time again, fellow bloggers! It’s FRIDAY! And we have yet another peek into another blogger’s favorite things. This time I have the lovely Chantele Sedgwick with me from My Writing Bug. I stumbled across Chantele’s blog when I started mine and have been an avid follower ever since! I really respect her views and I love that every Thursday she interviews an aspiring author. Her questions are awesome!

Anyway, now on to Chantele!


I like a lot of different styles, but I think I like warm contemporary the most. Just soft colors, not too fancy. Calm and inviting. My husband is actually way more into interior design stuff. He worked at a lighting store for a long time and saw so many different designs in houses. He's more of a decorator than I am. :)


Crap. I always get stuck on this question. I have so many books and authors that I love. I don't think I could pick a favorite. But, since that's the question, I'll say the Harry Potter Series. They are probably the only books that I could read over and over again and still not get sick of them. J.K. Rowling wrote so many amazing characters and they just feel like a part of you when you put the books down. I'll always love them.



My favorite computer game would be the Sims games. I'm sure people will be surprised to hear that! lol I don't play that often, since I'm taking care of kids all day and save my nights for writing, but they are fun to play when I have a little time to spare. I also love the game Scattergories. I love trying to think of words that start with the letters you roll. So fun! And Tripoly. My family is crazy when we play that! We are very competitive! lol Sorry, that wasn't just one... ;)


Thanks so much, Kadie!

A girl after my own heart. Seriously, these all could have been MY answers. That room is beautiful,  I LOVE Harry Potter, and I think it goes without saying what my opinion is on The Sims. I love finding fellow gamers where I least expect it!

Thanks so much for sharing Chantele! Don’t forget to check out her blog (linked above) and spread the love!

Happy Friday!

Want to tell us YOUR faves? I’d love to have you! E-mail me at


  1. That's an awesome way to interview an author! LOVE IT! And I really love that room, too.

  2. Oh, I like your style for decorating! Thanks for sharing all this. :)

  3. So fun! Love the room. Teal is my favorite color right now.

  4. Thank you so much for having me, Kadie! :D


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