Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Faves: Savvy Classic

This Friday I'm so thrilled to have Devanie here from Savvy Classic. I had a LOT of talented school mates, and she is another one of them, as well as one of my dearest friends. Devanie has a little bit of author in her too, among her many other talents, as you will be able to tell from her post. 

So without further ado, here is what she calls her "Devanie Style":

FAVORITE DESIGN STYLE: If I were to describe my style it would be whimsy-coastal-classic-weathered. I feel at home with aged natural finishes alongside breezy color palettes and delightful pops of color.  I love also love it when functional, easy-living furniture mingles with classical pieces. If my style was like a person, it would be like Marie Antoinette became a surfer ... make sense?
This room is great because I'm seeing classic pieces with naturally aged finishes paired with comfortable furniture and fun colors. I like how the room is wrapped in an earthy wood-planked surround, but when it's painted white it becomes cozy yet classy:

This child's room is fabulous because it's totally feminine but the color palette and finish selections makes it non-fussy and playful. I was totally the little girl who could play four hours alone in my bedroom with just my imagination for company. This room would have been my heaven on earth!

And instead of hosting a Ball in her Grand Hall, our "Beachy-Marie" would host a little dinner soiree in this fabulous dining room under a sky of reclaimed trestle wood (except we know she would choose a different color for her serviettes- probably a print with turquoise and coral):

FAVORITE BOOK: Ever since I graduated from college I haven't been able to get enough of good books! I've started taking interest in older gems- epic and adventurous stories that my mom or grandma may have read at my age- with strong, optimistic women as the main character. I recently read a book I will never forget: A Town Like Alice by Nevile Schute. As quoted in Goodreads: "A Town Like Alice tells of a young British woman who miraculously survived a Japanese prisoner of war march in World War II, and of an Australian soldier, also a prisoner of war, who offered to help her--even at the cost of his life..." It really is such an epic tale and you have to understand that it was written during a time when authors took extra care in developing their characters- you are rewarded by investing your time! I felt a deep connection with the characters because I slowly learned of their struggles and triumphs. And let's be honest people- I'm a sucker for a long drawn-out love story... just ask my husband (our story is quite drawn out too!). Here are some of the A Town Like Alice covers over the decades (don't judge a book by a corny 1960's cover):

FAVORITE GAME: And finally- I know you're all super excited to find out about my favorite game... BANG! Basically it's like that old sleepover game "Mafia" except it's a wild-west theme and you have cards to shoot, defend and cause all sorts of mayhem with. Like any wild-west town, you're either for the Sheriff or against him. And of course, sometimes you can't quite tell who's really on your side. My only advice is don't try and learn it on your own- have someone teach you because the instructions make it sound more complex than it really is. In fact, I made a little "new player" sheet for our friends, this will help tons when you're first learning! It is way fun to play! But make sure you pack this in your checked luggage and not your carry-on when traveling in the airport. Sam had it in his backpack when it went through the x-ray thingy and was stopped for "questioning". I told him it looked like a missile- but would he listen?!
Thank you SO much Devanie! 
I told you she was a writer; Surfer Marie-Antoinette? I love it. And if you haven't played BANG! find it, buy it, invite 6 or so friends over and play it. It's so incredibly fun. My brother (who you'll meet next week) introduced us all to this gem of a game and it's become a family staple. 
Thanks again, and I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!
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