Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday’s A Day to WIN!

Happy Monday everyone! And can I just say thanks to all those who participated in my giveaway? What an awesome response! You guys rock my socks. But nobody cares about that, what we all want to know is WHO WON??

Well, I’ll tell you!

Oh and all prizes were generated via I just couldn’t figure out how to screenshot the results. Ahem. Anyway here are the winners!



Prize 1: West Elm Gift Card goes to:

Dodson Family said...
Oh, I forgot that I would want the West Elm giftcard because I need to do some decorating up in here quick! This place needs a makeover!

Congratulations Danielle! All those entries really helped you out! West Elm will be coming your way!

Prize 2: GameStop Gift Card goes to:

Chantele Sedgwick said...
You are freaking awesome. It's a tie for me. I'd like the amazon giftcard, since I love books. AND have a book buying problem... And I'd love the gamestop one as well. I need to get my hands on Sims Medieval. :)

YAY Chantele! Get the Sims Medieval NOW! It’s amazing. And they’re coming out with an expansion very soon. Hooray!

Prize 3: Barnes and Noble Gift Card goes to:

Spencer and Erica said...
Okay Miss Kadie...I follow you, and I blogged you (is that appropriate?!), and I facebooked you. That's three. I don't have a Twitter account, but if I text my friends does that count??? I really want to win!! And you should want me to win, too. I want the Barnes and Noble gift card and who knows what I will spend it on. Probably children's clearance books, but maybe I will find something for myself. Or save it until your book is on their shelves!!!!

I’m flattered, but your gift card might expire by the time one of my books hits the shelves! But go buy something for yourself Erica, you deserve it!

There you have it folks! Three prizes, three winners! What a way to start the week! And here’s the great thing about all these gift cards; they do e-cards now. So  I will be sending the e-cards to your emails today!

Thanks again for everyone who entered! Tune back in tomorrow for Interior Tuesday. I missed last week, but I won’t do the same tomorrow. I’ll be sharing ideas for my little girl’s new room. She turned TWO yesterday!!! I can’t believe it.

Have a great day!

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  1. Aaaagghh!! Are you serious?! Thank you so much! I'm SO excited!! :D :D :d


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