Thursday, October 27, 2011

Interior Thursday: TGFI

As in Thank Goodness For Ikea. My husband and I made the trek down South to our Ikea store (Not complaining. I’m so glad there’s an Ikea within a half hour from here!) and we ended up getting furniture for the many many MANY renovations that are coming up. I’m ecstatic!

Let me just say, the life of an Interior Designer is not an easy one. At least the home decorating life. It’s never over. And even when I think I’m done…I’m so not. But there’s nothing like the arrival of a new baby looming over the horizon to motivate some home improvements. The funny thing about this time is that I’m not simply re-doing a nursery. I’m doing a nursery, a big girl room, a new office, and a new craft area. So I have four spaces floating around in my head all the time. My poor hubby gets so confused. I talk about bedding for this room, pillows for that room, the color palette for the other room and by the time I’m done I just see his head spinning. Luckily, he learned long ago to just trust me.

So the actual ASSEMBLY of all these Ikea pieces won’t be happening for awhile, but just knowing those eleven boxes are sitting here, ready and waiting for me makes me happy.

Here’s a sneak peek of what we got:


That’s just a small sampling. The only problem is the way we’re doing these rooms is a total chain of events, which started with cleaning out the garage. (We had to clean out the garage, to move the stuff from our office closets outside, to move our office into our storage room, to move our daughter into the office, to make room for baby in the nursery…etc.) But I’m confident we’ll get there. We’ve still got four months.

Oh crap.

I’d better get painting.

Can’t wait to show the after pictures! Anyone else have great Ikea finds? Or any projects on the horizon?

Happy Thursday!


  1. The stores are so huge though. To get one thing you've got to make this circuitous track through the store and all of their displays in order to find it. But I appreciate the stuff they offer. The only other thing I hate about IKEA is you have to assemble everything or pay to have it done.

  2. That chain of events sounds daunting. But it will be so worth it! My husband went to Ikea with me once (when we were getting furniture for my last baby's room) and he vows to never set foot in there again. But I think it's awesome!

  3. Yeah you definitely have to put work into Ikea stuff. And I researched online before I even set foot in there. I had a whole list saved to my phone that told me where the items were located. It saved a lot of time and sanity. But I think you just can't beat the prices for what you end up with. And who doesn't like a 99 cent breakfast? :)


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