Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Write On Wednesday: To WriMo or Not to WriMo?

So November’s coming up which means the official NaNoWriMo and I cannot decide if I should set this goal for myself or not? I did it in June and my second book came out of it. But it still needs edits and I haven’t had ANY mental energy lately to write much at all. But I do have a shiny new idea.

Here’s a hint:


Molten Lava…muahahahah!

I really enjoyed the experience last time and I think I could do it again…if my body cooperates and lets me get through a day without a nap. We’ll see.

How about you? Who’s planning on participating this time? Shiny new ideas?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I'm in!
    Got a shiny new idea, hoping to work out some plot kinks before Nov 1.

  2. I wish I could but my brain just isn't in top shape for something like that. :) I think you should go for it! You know, in case you become super busy and sleep-deprived in the near future;)


    Remember the title of the book Chris Baty (the guy who started NaNoWriMo) wrote: "No Plot? No Problem!" The idea is to get your brain into gear, remind yourself that you can make and keep goals, and remind yourself that you are a writer, even when it's hard.

    Ummmm, so that the very least, I know that I will be doing NaNo this year (year 4 for me, three wins so far!)

    -Your Brother who's not at all pushy.

  4. I'm hoping to get two novels out of this year since I finished so early last year. I need to seriously start planning!

    -whisper- Listen to your brother.

  5. You guys are funny!
    @ Natz, that's a good idea, working out kinks. That should be in my plan somewhere right?
    @ Ruth, yeah the whole imminent sleep-deprivation coming in March is a big reason I'm considering doing this to myself. Because I know as tired as I am now, it's nothing compared.
    @ Nate, whoa. Not pushy? lol. JK, I can't believe this is your fourth year! When are you going to join me on the "trying-to-get-published" train?
    @Nicole, good for you!! That's awesome!
    @ Brooke, two books in one month? Good luck! That's a huge undertaking. And I always listen to my brother. Even when he's nuts. And sometimes he's nuts.


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