Thursday, August 11, 2011

An Interview and Some Inspiration

Hey everyone! Today I'm being interviewed at the wonderful blog of Chantele Sedgwick! Go check it out HERE! And don't judge me for my favorite book answer. I have good reason! Anyway, I wanted to thank Chantele for having me, it was a lot of fun!

Also, I found this fabulous article yesterday about Kathryn Stockett, you know the author of that bestselling book The Help. She was turned down SIXTY times before she got that ever-elusive "yes" from an agent. Three weeks later her book sold. And we all know how successful it is now (aka I'm dying to go see the movie!) Anyway, head over here to read the full article. I have to say it really inspired me and lit a fire under me after I read it last night. In fact I spent all last night editing and finished the edits on my first MS. This would be draft...5 I believe. So anyway, I feel WAY better about it and even sent it out to two more agents last night, just to get used to the idea again.

So here we go. 15 rejections down, 45 to go? I hope not.

Happy Thursday all!


  1. Found your blog, thanks to that interview.

    I just read that article, too. Geesh. And to think I got a little discouraged with three rejections. I better buck up.

    Great blog you have here, Kadie. :)

  2. I too found your blog because of the interview. Stick with it and you shall be published! I know it will happen. I believe in you :)

  3. Welcome guys, I'm so glad you found me! And thanks for your kind words! That means a lot!

  4. Hi Kadie! Just read the interview and I really enjoyed it. I loved the Twilight series, too!


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