Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Faves: Ruth + Writing

This week I couldn’t be more excited to share some thoughts from  Ruth; aka my new best friend (whether she knows it or not!) Ruth and I were each other’s 45th followers on our blogs. I think it was fate. We have since become critique partners, and let me just tell you this girl has a voice! Not to mention she give excellent feedback! I’m so glad I met her!

Now you get to meet her too! Let’s get to it:


I'm kind of a no fuss kind of gal so I love this room because it's calm and simple. I need calm and simple in my life. Keep in mind that this is in no way what my house looks like. Right now my style is Thrifty and Trashed. Someday. Some. Day.


This changes a lot. I love many, many books. The type of book I read also changes and I go through periods where I read a lot of one thing. Right now, that would be Contemporary YA. One of my recent favorites was The Summer I Turned Pretty series by Jenny Han. Loved them!

ruth 2


Now this took some thinking. I asked myself, "Do I even play games?" And I said, "Yes. Yes I do". When I have time or can get someone to play with me, I love me some Scrabble. Exciting, I know. I play with my sisters on Facebook and it gets competitive. Also, there was a period in my life when I was addicted to Bejeweled. In college, my roommates and I stayed up all night long playing a game called Scum. Crazy fun.

ruth 3

Thanks Kadie!

Okay I had many a night in college where we were up too late playing Scum. I LOVE that game! I forgot all about it! Now I need to go look up the rules. And I’ve never read that book, so it’s now on my list.

Thanks Ruth! I love learning more about my fellow bloggers.

Happy Friday everyone!

Want to tell everyone YOUR faves? I’d LOVE to have you! E-mail me at

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  1. Thanks Kadie! It was fun:) I'm hoping I can get back to your story on Monday. Sorry I've been a slacker!


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