Sunday, June 12, 2011


Is June 12th too late to join JuNoWriMo?

I hope not because I just did. (See the countdown on the right? That means I’m legit.)

Here’s why: I’ve got another idea! For another book! I never thought this would happen to me. But I’m already 5,000 words in and I thought this “contest” would be a great way to motivate me to keep going.

I’ve started a new habit. Instead of going to blogs and reading about what’s going on with these authors NOW I go back to their very first month of posts. The beginning of their blog journey. And it’s been WAY inspiring. But also I’ve learned, not many people get a hit out of their first manuscript. And I’m learning that maybe the timing on my particular piece of fantasy may not be right. And I’m seeing just how much work I have left to put into it. And while I’m still planning on doing that work, I have something else in my head now.

The other day while I was driving to pick up my daughter, a new idea hit me. Sparkly new. Exciting new. And oh my goodness it’s been fun to write. I’m not even done with chapter one, but I know where I want it to go, who my MC is, and exactly what I want to happen.

We’ll see if that’s really what happens.

Anyway, here I go. Only 45,000 more words to go before the end of the month to get my winner badge. Think I can do it? Anyone else on the forums? (For more info on JuNoWriMo go here ).

How about you? Any goals this month? How’s it going trying to reach them?


  1. Wow, that is quite the goal. I am so impressed with you. I can't wait till you publish a book and I can read it :)

  2. There's NaNo in June? Cool! You know that's how I wrote Monarch, right? It ended up being a disaster, but not for too long. I did have to rewrite the whole book, but lots of good came out of it. I'll never NaNo again, but it was good to do it once. Good luck! I'm cheer leading you on, hehe. Now I have to go peek at my first month's posts on my blog...what did I write back then? Haha.

  3. Michelle, I didn't know that Monarch was a NaNo! That's awesome! I'm really excited about it. And Danielle, I can't wait till I'm published either! Trust me, everyone will know when that happens!


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