Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Interior Tuesday: Fun with Fiction 2

I can’t think of a more creative title right now. Sorry. But as I previously stated, I had an idea for a new book and I’ve been working furiously on it. I’m up to 14,500 words! Only 35K to go! Woot!

Anyway, one of my little rituals I do when I start creating new characters, is to create their space. Maybe it’s because I’m an Interior Designer by day, but when I select furniture and lighting and paint colors for a certain character, it really helps them come to life for me. I figure if I can visualize the space in which they live, I can understand what makes them comfortable, how they communicate, and what they’re afraid of…or NOT afraid of.

For example:

Sistine's Room

This room is not afraid of color or pattern or bling. And that is my MC right now. She’s 17 living in modern times. (No period piece this time.) She’s funny and strong-willed, and isn’t pigeon-holed easily. Her style is a mix of contemporary and comfortable. She’s still a teenager though, and loves bright bold colors, mixed with whimsical pieces.

Do you have any funny rituals to get to know your characters? See anything here you could incorporate into your REAL life? (Is it too early to design my daughter’s teen room? I can’t wait. I guess for now we’ll work on the “big-girl” phase though.)


  1. You are so creative Kadie! I tried to write a book back in elementary school......entitled 'The Black Hole'. So....don't think I'll be an author. But I am so proud of you! Don't give up!

  2. I think this is a fantastic idea. Anything to make the character come to life really helps me. I'm not very creative in my exploration process, though. I just pace around in the character's shoes, trying to see things through his or her eyes. I move step by step through my characters' lives in the hope of uncovering details that I didn't think about before.


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