Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Interior Tuesdays: Fun with Fiction

Today I decided to just have fun with life and create a virtual design board for the main characters of my book.

Crazy, right? I know.

But how often do I get to search for Art Deco furniture? Not often enough, I’ve decided. This design was so much fun to pull together. I searched antique dealers, auction houses, and sites fully dedicated to recreating the look of the roaring twenties.


This is just a sampling of what might be in their home. The foyer with the grand staircase is almost identical to what I pictured in my head when writing about the Remington’s home. The scalloped wallpaper is so incredibly fun while still having an air of sophistication (and it’s a vinyl stencil that you can get here).

And how about that mirror? Talk about a sunburst! I think it’s so amusing to see how trends come back into play decades later. I could go on and on about each individual piece here, but I just wanted to do a concept board to introduce my book.

Is there any piece above that you could see in your home today? I’m kind of lusting after that rug.


  1. so excited that you decided to join! I love this design, I love art deco pieces!!

  2. What a fantastic idea. I know a lot of authors look for people who look like their characters in order to help them visualize, but I've never seen a interior design board for a book. I love it!

  3. Wow! Great idea. I love your blog!! :-)

  4. TOTALLY how I picture when I read it!!!!!


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