Thursday, April 4, 2013

Once Upon A Time…

There was this time when this girl thought she should start a blog and write about all the things she loves!

Then this girl’s life went INSANE! She had a baby, got a promotion, her husband graduated college, and she all but stopped doing most of the things she loved.

So she had nothing to blog about, so her blog went the way of all the interwebs.

She thought about closing it. She thought about deleting it.

But this girl couldn’t give it up. Once upon a time she had put a lot of work into it. And she met some really cool people through it.

So she took a deep breath, tried to schedule her time better, regained some mental energy and decided to write one more blog post, just to remember how it felt.

It felt good. She had missed it.

She decided to try again. And while she wasn’t sure she’d be doing three posts a week like she used to, she thought maybe, just maybe she could do two? Definitely one! And she was okay with that.

She hoped her friends were still around, and that they’d be okay with that too.

She had lots of new ideas…


  1. Welcome back. It's never too late to start again. :) (I'd recommend getting rid of word verification though. That stuff is seriously annoying.)

    1. Noted! I just removed it. Thanks for your suggestion!


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