Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Promise I'm Still Alive

Why does it seem like it's been FOREVER since I last posted? It's only been a week, but I feel guilty. Anyway, I just wanted to drop a line and let you all know I'm still here. And I wanted to say a great big HI to all the newcomers from Rachel's campaign! I'm sorry I've been slow, but I promise I will be stopping by all of your blogs soon as well. I'm so excited to have you all here! 

Meanwhile, I think I'm going to put myself back on a schedule. I miss blogging about interior design, and for some reason if I don't make myself, all my posts end up being about writing, or ranting about life. So I think I'm going back to Write On Wednesday, then doing Interior Thursday, and then Rant and Rave Friday. 

There I wrote it down, now I'm accountable. I've had a hard time with that lately. So look for the new schedule next week. 

Wow what a boring housekeeping post. 

To liven it up I will share one more Simming story, because it's hilarious. This time it happened to my brother. (That's right. I got him playing The Sims 3 from my last drama!) So in his own words, here is what happened:

I started a full family (husband, wife, one kid) called the Newhouses. I also made them eco-friendly, which is a huge pain because they get sad whenever only one person uses a car, blah blah blah. And all they did was go to work, go home, clean up, sleep. So, too much like real life.

So I started a pair of sisters, gave them a ton of money and let them play around. One (Kira) is an extrovert, the other (Danica) is a bookworm. They got along fine, so I had them buy half the town (well, just become partners in most of the businesses around town) and worked on getting Danica a friend. She makes a friend, invites her over, and while they're sitting on the couch playing video games her friend DIES. For no good reason that I could figure out. She had a "best friend died" negative mood and breaks down crying every 20 minutes, so I decided to check in on my other family while that blows over.

While they were playing on their own they got pregnant, so I bought them a crib and all the baby stuff and made their house bigger etc. Then their first daughter had a birthday, and on her birthday the mom has to go deliver the baby. So Dad Newhouse takes Mom Newhouse to the hospital right after the daughter blows out her candle on her cake. Then she goes to bed, but one of the party guests hangs out, plays guitar all night long, comes in the house at 3 AM and eats some pizza, stays all the next day, hangs out with the maid, and finally goes home after 48 hours. That was weird. Also, Mom and Dad Newhouse both instantly Wished for a new baby after they brought Baby Newhouse home. Dad Newhouse isn't the best parent (he set the baby on the floor more than once) so I nixed those wishes quickly. I got tired of them again and went back to the sisters.

 When I came back to them Kira has a HUGE "cheater" reputation, and gets yelled at all over town. I don't know how she pulled that off. Danica is in a relationship...with DANICA. A clone of her, with her original haircut (I gave her a new one after her friend died) is dating the current Danica. They were out on a date when I switched to them. And at dinner, where Danica is dating Danica, a THIRD Danica shows up and says hi, then goes and eats dinner. The two Danicas get along really well (surprise!) and are super compatible (surprise!) but they both have Commitment Issues, so...not sure where that's going. I had Kira do all kinds of lifetime goals to buy that lifetime reward that gets rid of a cheater reputation and went to bed.

So...that's all really weird. 

BAHAHAHA! I didn't know they could CLONE themselves! He even sent me a screenshot as proof:

What the heck??  Man that made me laugh so hard. That is one thing I have NEVER had happen to me, and now I'm dying to try to recreate it. 

Anyone else have some funny Sim stories? I feel a series coming on...

Happy Saturday! 


  1. I've never played Sims, but I hear so much about it from other writers. I'll have to try it someday. Funny story! :)

  2. Glad you're still around! Your blog is getting so popular! :) :) :)

  3. Madeline, you've got to try it. It's so fun.
    And thanks Michelle! You're everywhere these days too! Congrats on your book's birthday! I haven't entered any contests, because I'm going to go pick up my copy as soon as I can! Can't wait to read it, the reviews are glowing!

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